Intro to Psychology Essay

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  • Topic: Anxiety, Panic disorder, Social anxiety disorder
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  • Published : February 12, 2013
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B110 Final Reflection Page
Cierra Miller
Dr Herold

I. Describe: Anxiety is something I have been dealing with since I was in my childhood. I never fully understood anxiety until it started getting worse as I got into my adolescent stage. I had talked to my mom and grandma about it a lot of times to make sure I was okay. I have been through several both anxiety and panic attacks. I have been one to worry about everything. Pathological anxiety and fear was very random for me. I never understood what was going on. Growing up whenever I would learn something new an example is, my aunt had a tumor in her armpit and it started as a lump. I one time had a small bump and instantly worried myself that it was a tumor to. Another example is whenever I go to busy places like a restaurant or the mall I start to get a very nervous feeling and start to panic. I used to get real bad panic attacks to different places that whenever I would be on my way there I would freak myself out so much I would throw up. A third example that I didn’t realize was anxiety until I got older was I used to be very nervous about going to middle school. Like I said earlier I worry a lot so I would start to worry about the silliest things like people making fun of me for something I would do or say. Before I would go to school I would start getting a real bad stomachache and sometimes I would just go home and I suddenly felt better. Describing anxiety is very difficult. It took many years until I realized I was actually going through it. II. Explain: My anxiety is very continuum. I can be fine at some places, but other times I can go into a panic attack randomly. I think a lot of this started whenever I was talking to my mom and grandma they were telling me how they both have it, my sisters, my brother, and also my dad has it. So, it’s all in my family. I believe that everyone has a small part of anxiety in them some is just worse than others. I...
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