Intro to Operating Systems

Topics: Deadlock, Brain, Traumatic brain injury Pages: 3 (645 words) Published: November 20, 2012
Intro to Operating Systems

Student: Gabriel Guevara

Chapter: 5


Exercise #2

Give at least two “real life” examples (not related to a computer system environment) of each of these concepts: deadlock, starvation and race. Describe how the deadlocks could be resolved. 2 real life examples of the concept of deadlock:

A. In a presidential election 2 candidates reach an electoral deadlock when neither candidate get a majority of the 270 electoral votes required to win the presidency. This is resolved by the House of Representatives, with each state delegation having one vote. Senators would elect the vice-president. B. Diet deadlock occurs when calories are restricted when a human being is dieting , as a consequence the body’s metabolism slows down; The reason is the body is worried about going into starvation mode and is trying to holdown to leftover body fat. The solution to diet deadlock is to: 1. Eat more protein to boost metabolism. 2. Lift weights to increase muscle mass, the more muscle mass the more calories burned in a 24 hour period (day). 3. Do more cardio to burn more calories.

2 Real life examples of Starvation:
Hypoxia is the name given to oxygen starvation, for example of this condition is when brain tissue is deprived of oxygen-rich-blood, if this condition lingers a range of events could follow such as permanent brain damage or death. The solution is to restore the flow of oxygen-rich-blood to the brain via any surgical procedure that would unlock the deadlock or flow of vital oxygen enriched blood back into the brain.

Aviation Fuel starvation occurs when there is a supply problem to the engine for various reasons such as a blocked fuel filter or gradual fuel pump failure. But the most popular problem with fuel starvation is with aircraft with water contaminated fuel being delivered to the engine instead of none-contaminated fuel resulting in fuel starvation within the engine. This is corrected by replacing the...
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