Intro to Management Unit 2

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Unit 2 Assignment
MT140-18: Introduction to Management

Unit 2 Assignment

* Explain how the theories presented are different from one another. * State which management theory you think is more important and why. According to the video and the material that I read about in this unit I feel that each theory is different in their own way. In the classical approach the management is the highest chain of command. This allows combining the scientific and the administrative management together. The behavioral approach stresses the significance and understanding of the employee’s needs and attitudes towards the organization. The third approach is the systems approach. In this approach the company or organization and its employees are working together to reach the same goal. The final theory is the contingency approach. In this approach the contingency approach is the result of the systems approach. However, in this theory it put emphasis on different variables and then finds a solution to each key variable.

I personally feel that if a company can implement a little of each theory in a successful way then we can create a better theory that will help obtain maximum production and also happy and loyal employees. However, if I had to choose one theory I would go with the systems theory. I used to work in a call center where we had individual goals and then team goals. They used to tell you one team one goal. We would try to achieve our personal goals and then if we over produced then it would help to compensate for the individuals that missed their goals. This way the team would still meet their quotas. I enjoyed how our team was almost like a family and we all looked out for each other.

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