Intro to Couples Therapy

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Article Title: A Comparison of Attachment Outcomes in Enactment-Based Versus Therapist-Centered Therapy Process Modalities in Couple Therapy.

This article covers two types of therapies: enactment based therapy, where couples identify, acknowledge and respond to their own and their partners attachment needs and emotions- it is face to face and interactive between the couples, with guidance from the therapist. Therapist-centered therapy is where the interactions are “channeled through the therapist”. This article completes a study where 16 groups of couples were each given both enactment based therapy and therapist-centered therapy in different orders. It was found that the couples who received the enactment based therapy BEFORE receiving therapist-centered therapy were much more successful in their levels of attachment compared to those who first received the therapist-centered therapy and then the enactment based therapy. The couples took surveys before and after the different therapies to assess their level of attachment.

The way that the study was completed was there were 16 couples participating in the study, with their average marital length of 9 years. The majority of the couples were caucasian (92%) and the rest were Hispanic (8%). The couples were given pretest and posttest surveys. The surveys consisted of 36 questions that were to measure the amount of attachment the individual was feeling towards their partner. The questions were asked on a scale, such as “I worry about being abandoned by my partner”, and the individual would answer how much this was true to them. The couple also took two other surveys, one before the study began and one after, which served to explain their perception of the relationship before and its adjustment afterwards. The couples each experienced six therapy sessions- three that were enactment based and three that were therapist-centered with the sequence alternating. Each session was recorded by video and was reviewed...
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