Intro to Biology

Topics: Life, Biology, Organism Pages: 2 (489 words) Published: October 29, 2010
Biology is a wonderful subject that many students enjoy. But as life would have it (no pun intended), this study is not a favorite of the majority of students who pass through the halls of school. Here are a few questions about biology and some answers to them. So why do we study biology? A lot of students trying to get through school stare at the mountain of work this class involves and struggle through. Some rationalize that it’s good to be well rounded in science or just school in general. I think biology is a sector of science that explains certain things in its area. Some may like it for that reason. A minority love this class for a reason which I cannot explain. Vampires. I mean, just imagine that the person sitting next to you is a vampire and all of a sudden, things don’t seem so bad. The whole irony of this situation is that vampires are dead, which brings us to the second FAQ of biology. What is biology? Biology is basically what it says. Bio - Life. -ology - Study of something. It’s the study of all living things. All the organisms that you can or cannot see. Biology is a huge subject. Biology is so huge that it needs a huge classifying system. And although it is so huge, it has no place for vampires. Because they’re dead. Biology is about life. What do we study in biology? First there’s the obvious, we study life. But life is so much more than someone who can walk and talk and eat and grow. Life has to fit all four points in order to be considered a living organism. Number one, to be alive, one has to contain DNA, number two, all life forms must be able to gain energy and use it in one way or another. The third criteria is, all life forms must be able to sense and respond to their surroundings. The fourth and final criteria is, it must be able to reproduce. That will cancel out a lot of things, but it still leaves millions of things that are considered alive. So in biology we study life. We have to have some way to classify all these...
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