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Topics: Speech, Rhetoric, Impromptu speaking Pages: 9 (2739 words) Published: February 3, 2013
University of Missouri – St. Louis
COM 1040:01/02 – Monday & Wednesday - Introduction to Public Speaking Winter/Spring 2013

Instructor: Ms. Elanora M. Nappier, MS Organizational Communication / Training Program Development, with Minors in Conflict Management and Family Communication, MFA Watercolor with Papermaking Minor, BS Paper Science and Print Technology, BA Graphic Design and Watercolor-Double Major with Papermaking Minor Office Hours: By appointment only or after class

E-mail Address:
Telephone: 636-825-1480 or leave messages at UMSL Communication Office, 314-516-5486

Course Objective: This course is designed to acquaint students with the fundamentals of public speaking, organizational skills, social awareness, and critical thinking will be taught and used in class to improve listening and speaking skills in all forms of communication. Through practice, interactive exercises, and class lectures, students will learn the importance of clear communication in all aspects of their professional and private lives. Group speech preparation, development of introductions and conclusions, as well as the ability to present a dynamic presentation will be the focus of this class.

Required Text: Guide to Public Speaking by Lisa A. Ford-Brown

My Gateway: Course material, class announcements and grades will be available for viewing at My Gateway.

Course Requirements / Expectations:
1. Attendance is mandatory. Tardiness is not acceptable. Tardiness is counted as absence after the fourth occurrence. As responsible adults, you are expected to keep your commitment to be on time and attend class for the full time. THERE WILL BE A SIGN-IN SHEET FOR EACH CLASS. Attendance is essential in an interactive, performance class. You are expected to have read each assigned chapter BEFORE the class meeting. In order to succeed, you will need to remain current in ALL readings whether they are discussed in class that day or not, you need to complete speech assignments and attend ALL class sessions. Rather than a traditional lecture format, class time will be spent in collaborative learning activities, delivering and evaluating speeches and individualized diagnosis and repair of your public speaking needs. If a student misses more than 4 classes in a semester, he/she will lose 100 attendance points resulting in a maximum earned class grade in the “B” range. Bonus points are given for perfect attendance. 2. Each student is expected to be prepared to discuss the assigned text and to participate with class discussions and assignments. 3. Seven speeches will be delivered by all students during the class: One impromptu, one “how to,” one introductory, one informative, one persuasive, one ceremonial and one presidential with a team. 4. Each student will attend a speech given outside of class and write a critique of that speech. 5. Each student should be prepared for a quiz on assigned text materials and previous class discussions. 6. Intentionally disrupting class or a classmate’s speech will result in lowering the attendance grade. If disruptive behavior continues, the student will be expelled from class with a failing grade. Students are expected to act as adults in a business / learning environment. Disruptions include, but are not limited to: Coming to class late and being noisy when entering, doing homework during class, having a computer open in class, cell phone usage during class (this includes incoming calls – TURN IT OFF), not showing respect for the instructor or fellow students. If you arrive late and a speech is in progress, wait outside the door until the speech is completed. 7. Outlines are required for four of the seven speeches. The “how to” speech does not need an outline, but a visual aid is recommended. The impromptu is given on a subject you will choose in class from a list provided by the professor. Your initial introductory speech will also have no outline. All others that...
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