Intro of Physical Journeys

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  • Published : May 14, 2011
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Texts may show us that the world of physical journeys involves unexpected detours. To what extent do the texts you have studied support this idea?

The world of physical journeys, is the movement from one place to another, where the traveller undergoes a process of change and development, where they become endowed with experiences and where there are goals that are achieved culminating in an overall transformation physically, intellectually and emotionally. Within theses changes they are caused by unexpected detours or obstacles, new challenges or hindrances. The poems from the collection called “Sometimes Gladness” by Bruce Dawe portrays this like: “For The Duration” coveys this through the tedious attempts of men trying to escape jail, “Migrants” represents this through a group of immigrants finding a new land for their habitat ; trying to fit in and “Last Seen At 12:10am” depicts a worrying and traumatic mother in search for her misplaced daughter. The epic fantasy novel The Lord Of The Rings also symbolises of a group of determined protagonists on a agonising quest to find a ring. (Write a sentence and say a brief summary about each poem and how it may explore the answer.)

Bruce Dawe's “For The Duration” conveys a physical journey of the challenges faced when they attempt to break out of jail. The use of the technique enjambment between the first and second stanza, creates a sense of suspense

Plan body of essay:

Paragraph 1:
Bruce Dawe's poem “For The Duration” - sense of escaping

Paragraph 2:
Unexpected detours create positive outcomes

Paragraph 3:
Unexpected detours create negative outcomes

Paragraph 4:
Unexpected detours

Paragraph 5:
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