Intro Information Security Policy

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Introduction to the Information Security Policy
April 29, 2012

Introduction to the Information Security Policy

1. Introduction
Company overview
Sunica Music and Movies is a local multimedia retail chain in the area. This chain currently has four stores that currently work independent of each other. Since the stores working independently of each other there have been issues stemming from lack of accountability of inventory between stores and discrepancies regarding financial transactions. This has caused issues with customer satisfaction and company growth. By implementing a WAN solution the company is looking to centralize transaction and inventory data between stores and create an online ordering system for customers. This will promote customer and employee satisfaction as well as revenue growth and will have the stores coordinated in one place. Security policy overview

Program-framework is the policy chosen because it gives a broad overview policy for direction of the company’s organization, and defines acceptable use rules and addresses risk analysis issues. This policy works well with this situation because Sunica Music and Movies is a still a small but growing company. The broad overview of the program-framework policy allows us to right up a general set of rules. This will also make it easier to implement and enforce such rules by not making them too difficult to follow and understand by employees. We will be able to define how different functions of business are to be followed and design contingency and backup plans for possible issues such as power outages, theft, burglary, and other environmental issues. Security policy goals

All transactions and inventory will be handled on a centralized server which will make monitoring and protecting the data much easier. The data will be backed up with limited access defined by management. Online transactions will be done on forms and authenticated by the prepackaged and...
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