Intrinsic Value and Joseph Nathan Cruz

Topics: Intrinsic value, Value theory, Instrumental value Pages: 2 (399 words) Published: April 9, 2013
Rokeach Value System
Joseph Nathan Cruz
Terminal Value: A comfortable life
Instrumental Value: Ambitious
Life defining moment: When he passed UP entrance test.
Case Facts:
* He pursues creative writing even though he came from a technical school. - He is determined to take up the course he wants.

* “I’m an aggresive person.”
- He tends to be dominant in classroom and this shows ambitiousness because he likes to have a high grades.

* He maintained a 1.32 class standing all throughout college. - This shows that he is well-driven to succeed because he works hard to have high grades for his future.

* “Poverty is a state of mind.”
- He believes that it’s just a matter of setting your priorities in order for you to succeed.

*“I had this deep ideological conviction that I wanted to be a writer.” - In his mind, he already aspires to be a writer so when he passed UP he didn’t have second thoughts about his course.

Instrumental Value: Honesty
*Nathan stated in his speech that “squatter ako, katulong ang nanay ko.” - It shows here no matter how poor there are Nathan is still proud for who they are and what his mother been through just to help his son to finish school and to per sue his dreams.

*It was also while in UP that he engaged in actual denial of his poor background. And it was the time he was not proud of it. He eventually got over it and began to speak about his poverty. - it was hard for him to tell about his poverty to his friends because almost all of them are middle-classes but at the end he was not proud of so he eventually told his friends his true identity because Nathan wants to be accepted for who he was and not for lying his background. And now he speaks about his background his life became more easier.

*Nathan said in his speech that his mother is a domestic helper. In other people’s homes she cooks, does the laundry, cleans the bathroom and takes care of the infants. - Nathan is not afraid to tell everyone that his mom...
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