"Intrigue. Chaos. Soap. "- Аll Within a Single Head!

Topics: Helena Bonham Carter, Fight Club, David Fincher Pages: 2 (646 words) Published: March 12, 2013
"Intrigue. Chaos. Soap. "- аll within a single head!
Perhaps Chuck Palahniuk did not expect in 1996 that he would write one of the most important works of the twentieth century. At that time the “Fight Club” was like a reflection of the growing stress of society and showed it in a very clear form, but even later it has not lost its relevance. Not so banal described history of madness and protest, it would seem, of an ordinary office worker, has attracted much attention and gained a lot of fans. It is the novel, David Fincher implemented in 1999, though did not box-office hit, but it has a really cult status. A storyteller - is a hero without a name. Without the name because it is the average american man in the street. He has a good job, his own house, good looks and a little bit of depression. He does not know what to do with himself, what he needs in this life. He is full of spiritual emptiness, just only material things. Things run him. Well furnished house brings him not true happiness, but only insomnia and loss of himself as an individual. Trying to overcome emotional depression, our unnamed friend starts going to clubs of sick people and listening life tragedies. And then he meets with Tyler, who opens in him new life. Organized men’s society “Fight Club” with Tyler, he begins to feel alive. In fights, he throws out all the emotions, his hate to reality. He, of course, differs from Tyler. He admires his world view, the ability to break down all stereotypes and boldness. Hero wants it internally, trying to fight the system, but something is still holding in him, in his material world….. To tell the main idea of ​​the film will be something ugly, it will arise in you the desire not to watch, because you already know everything. In spite of all, shall we say, a bit inert beginning and the middle of the plot, the end will be unexpected. It will show us who is who. And what was his fight for the freedom of their ideas and desires. The film shows the...
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