Intramurals: a Great Way to Care and Modern Dance Competition

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  • Published : October 13, 2012
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Intramurals is a fun, recreational, social and competitive on-campus sports activity. It is also a great way to meet new people, reconnect with friends, and continue playing the sports you have grown to love and to develop.

Intramural activities emphasize group spirit and the enjoyment of sports in a less competitive context. Through sports participation this seeks to promote wellness, to encourage the wise use of leisure time, to improve self-esteem, to stimulate other interests, and to provide students the opportunity to achieve individual and team goals. While developing a sense of sportsmanship and fair play, they acquire knowledge and skills required for the future.

On Sept. 17 2012 the City university of Pasay held the opening ceremonies of their  Intramurals at the Cuneta astrodome. We remember seeing everyone perked up, muses wearing the best sports attire, the students in class shirts of the different colleges, people with joy on their faces and others carrying and wearing their props for the modern dance competition. 

The ceremony began with the parade of athletes of different colleges. The adrenaline rushed in as soon as the emcees announced all the teams of the different colleges. After the parade, another highlight of the ceremony that made everyone rise from their seats is the search for Ms. Intramurals 2012.   All the candidates coveted the title and luckily, Miss Jusette at the College of Office administration and Computer Technology. Every year, one of the most eagerly anticipated activities during the intramurals is the Modern Dance competition or what we called Cheer dance competion. This activity gives everyone in the college the chance to showcase their talents and prowess in dancing. There were five teams that vied for the championship title. The competition started with all the teams fired up to show the judges and the audience what they’ve got. After those powerful and great moves, the judges arrived at their...
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