Intorduction to It Security

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  • Published : October 18, 2008
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TUI University
Maurice Bringier
Introduction to IT Security (ITM 431)
Module #1 Case Assignment
Dr. Cynthia Phillips

The Oxford American Dictionary of Current English defines admonition as “to reprove. Urge. Give earnest advice to. Warn”. Understanding this how do we employ admonitions systems to information technology to make it more useful in-regards to Network and system security? Using admonition software we are attempting to create an environment that will either prevent data from being in-advertently distributed across networks. Act as a deterrent to those trying to access the network illegally. Or warning users of the potential harm their actions may cause. In developing an IT security strategy, potential risks will need to be anticipated along with policies and procedures for the effective mitigation of these risks. There needs to be governing documentation that entails network design as well as security measures to safeguard the network from intrusion. Effective administrative procedures that ensure personnel are properly trained and continually advised of updates and/or changes to security.

In today’s world the collection, processing, and sharing of information has reached all time highs. It is because of this that the Internet as well as “IT Networks” occasionally referred to as “Intranets” need securing to protect from potentially harmful entities. The Handbook of Information Security Management tells us that there are a number of ways to identify, analyze, and assess risk. In developing a plan to secure a network there are many areas to focus on. One of them is risk, and the potential for risks should be addressed and plans and procedures developed to mitigate such risks. Risks can come in the form of external and internal threats.

Whether of a physical, logical, or social nature , a plan that will outline the company’s approach to risks that will affect security will need to be...
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