Intolerable Tolerance

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  • Published : April 9, 2013
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Intolerable Tolerance

Intolerable tolerance, is often said that too much of a good thing is wonderful, which in this case that may not be true. Tolerance which is a virtue only when it is difficult, it involves strong beliefs as a symptom: a distinctively contemporary form of decadence. George F. Will who wrote and summarized the handout on intolerable tolerance. He writes about the thoughts of Theodore Kaczynski’s journal. Kaczynski is a bomber who killed three and maimed twenty two. He did not apologize for what he did and does not regret it. He does on the other admit to it, instead of claiming insanity or mentally disturbed. My reaction to this was a man that will admit to his sins and take responsibility for them then I would be more likely to give him life in prison than the death penalty.

It says that in the American society there are about 500,000 murders that are walking around on our streets. This is not a pleasant thought. I believe or think that if a murder can kill someone cold blooded than they should be able to take responsibility for their crimes. I don’t think that they should claim insanity or that they are mentally disturbed when in fact they really aren’t. Capital punishment is a sore subject anywhere in the world especially the United States. Some states allow it and some states don’t. I personally believe in the Capital punishment, for one thing if someone killed a person that I loved or cared about then I would want them to pay. Like the old saying goes an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth. So my reactions to this article were that criminals should take responsibility for their actions and if they can commit a crime then they should be able to confess or surrender.
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