Into Thin Air

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Into Thin Air
Jon Krakaeur
United States by Villard Books

In Into Thin Air by Jon Krakaeur, the author’s word choice of descriptive passages and vivid words help well understand his perspective. You see this whole story is written in perspective Jon Krakauer is a journalist by trade, and his motive for going on the Everest expedition is to write an article about the experience of climbing as part of a commercial expedition. The perspective is in the first person, but with a journalistic viewpoint. Krakauer often seems removed from the subject, describing events as objectively as possible, as one would expect in a journalistic article. For example, he is sometimes critical of his fellow climbers, even though elsewhere he describes them as friends. While Krakauer tries to maintain a journalistic perspective throughout the book, the ordeal that he must pass through along with the rest of the climbers on the mountain is so serious that the wall between a journalist and his subject is torn down. Krakauer cannot simply treat the subject as an outside observer because he becomes an integral part of the story, affecting its outcome.

The author uses an organization of dates to tell each day of the treacherous climb to Mt. Everest including images to better visualize the text. The author first begins the story in the middle when they are returning to the bottom of the mountain. He tells who didn’t survive or who had contracted a fatal injury he then continues to tell us about the impact of the challenge “… to the tragedy the Everest climb has rocked my LIFE to its core …” (Pg. 3). This quote reflects his perspective on the expedition. His vivid figurative language and exquisite imagery pertaining to every event made the passage not only highly realistic but parallel . It was as if the reader was with him and they struggles and felt lightheaded and experienced the same minor injuries. Although the author was advised not to pursue the expidition, he ignored...
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