Into the Wild: Individuality

Topics: Into the Wild, Christopher McCandless, Jon Krakauer Pages: 4 (1632 words) Published: October 31, 2012
Into the Wild
People are often told to be themselves as a way of embracing their uniqueness. This seems to not be true since conformity and lack of individualism is a big issue with society. The issue of what led Christopher McCandless, main character from Into the Wild by John Krakauer, to go on a search to find himself. In the author’s note of the novel, Krakauer introduces the term ‘schools of thought’. In the case of this book, there are two; one being that some people said it was a suicide mission and the other being that others disagreed saying he was ambitious. The story demonstrates one man’s attempt to define a lifestyle and find meaning in his life that came from something outside materialistic and civilized contemporary society. After analyzing “The Loss of the Creature” by Walker Percy, several concepts from the text can be applied to the life of Chris McCandless and how he has been adapted by our society to be viewed as a package. Conformity is a social fact that affects people’s behavior and judgment because of what others are doing. Simply because the majority of people do something, others feel compelled to join in. For Christopher McCandless, conformity was something to avoid at all costs, even if that meant completely leaving behind everything he knew to adopt a new way of life. On his trip to Alaska, Chris stayed with many people, one being a man by the name of Ron Franz. Ron had lost his family and wanted someone with whom he could create a father son relationship. Chris showed up and it was almost like Ron had a family again. Before leaving to continue his adventure, Ron asked Chris is he could adopt him like a grandson. Since Chris is an anti- conformist, he claimed he would think about it. In reality, Chris would not allow that to happen because he would be stuck living by the rules of others when he was trying to get away from that. In the novel, Chris wrote a letter to Ron, where he said, “So many people live within unhappy...
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