Into the Wild Essay

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  • Published : April 17, 2013
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Chris McCandless: Why’d you have to go?

Chris McCandless is a uniquely remarkable person for a large number of reasons. Most people would consider any person who donated their life savings, burned all the cash in their wallet, and abandoned their car to go wander around the country with nothing; either crazy, stupid, or both. But I believe Chris McCandless was neither crazy nor stupid; in fact, I believe him to be a visionary. After receiving and fully utilizing a four-year education at Emory University in Georgia, he decided to leave society behind and venture off into the wild with only the things he deemed truly necessary. He left society in search of happiness and the truth behind what makes us all happy. Coming from a wealthy, upper-middleclass family, he learned to utterly despise the materialistic views of his family which he believed strongly reflected the American culture. This above all fueled his desire to rid himself of his possessions and go see the world for himself. Many people believe he was an idiot with a death wish, an Alaskan park ranger was even quoted saying “Chris McCandless committed suicide”( Although Chris McCandless died at the end of John Krakauer’s novel Into the Wild, I believe he found the answers he was looking for, and died after completing his venture.

Chris traveled all over the North American continent meeting people and going on what I would consider the adventure of a lifetime. While there is much speculation and controversy over what his actual plan was, without a doubt the end of his plan was to ‘somehow get to Alaska.’(Krakuer 77). I think because of the people he met on his travels and the metacognitive pondering he did throughout his time traveling he ended up doing exactly what he planned, but unfortunately, nothing else. Chris McCandless was by no means suicidal, he did not have a desire to die, but his plans ended with going to Alaska. Before getting to Alaska, McCandless explored...
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