Into the Wild and Happiness

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  • Published : April 29, 2014
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Happiness is not ready made, instead it is something that comes from your own actions. Like, Into the Wild’s main character, Chris McCandless was in search of happiness. He wanted to find happiness and comfort in what he does. He tried to defeat his overcomes in search of happiness. Chris wanted to prove that you can be happy doing what you want to do and not something you have to. In Chris’s point of view, money, luxury , education etc. didn’t define happiness. Instead he thought all that just corrupted people. His journey taught a lot of us that happiness is not always about achieving your dreams, it is also about being happy within yourself. In the book , “Into the Wild”, Chris McCandless renounced all tied to his world because he wanted to find happiness in his journey without required elements of life. Money wasn’t everything to Chris. He knew it was going to be a challenge to survive without it, though he still tried. His main goal was to find happiness without money and that was the reason he donated all his education money. He used to think that happiness depends on your imagination and the thing you can do without money.Chris always wanted to be a different person. Surviving without money isn’t easy, but Chris was always up for new challenge’s. . “The core of mans' spirit comes from new experiences.” (Krakauer 57). The quote shows how Chris’s journey was a challenge for

him. His parents wanted Chris and themselves to be rich but Chris knew that they weren’t happy. According to Chris, nobody needed a lot of money in order to live happy. Chris’s journey was full of adventure. He went to lot of hiking, hunting and many more. The reason he abandoned his family was because he was a adventurous person and he enjoyed it all. This was his happiness. He walked away far and far to search true happiness inside of himself and different views of happiness. Chris believes in what he thinks. “The trip was to be an odyssey in the fullest sense of the word, an epic...
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