Into the Wild

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  • Published : May 13, 2013
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Into the Wild: Prompt # 4
In the book, Into The Wild, Chris McCandless is a student graduating from Emory University. He comes from very successful, wealthy parents who have raised him through material objects. His father, Samuel Walter McCandless, is a NASA scientist and entrepreneur who develops advance radar system. His mother, Wilhelmina McCandless, is his father’s second wife who works with his father on business ventures involving the radar systems. Chris has never felt particularly close to his parents. He feels as if they have raised him in a shallow environment with the comfort of material objects. They never cared much for anything else other than their own success and stature. He did not like that everything he has, has been just given to him instead of him working hard for it. Chris is so angry that his parents raised him in such a way that he completely abandons the world he is used to in order to find a true meaning to life. Chris McCandless is someone that has completely abandoned his traditional comfortable lifestyle to live life off of the country making him a marginalized figure transitioning back and forth with the dominate culture and nature in order to survive and reach a true meaning to life, and the author, Krakauer faces his challenge as a transcultural figure to redefine McCandless to people who do not agree with his lifestyle.

After graduating college, Chris mails his college transcript of nearly straight A’s to his parents. At this point, his family will never hear from him again. Chris abandons his belongings and home in Atlanta carrying only backpack of necessities with plans to live off the country. He begins to hitchhike with no prior experience or knowledge on how to live off the country. He believes he already knows enough, even though he is warned by the people he meets through out his journey on how truly dangerous it is to live off the country without the proper skill. Soon he comes to a realization that he needs money to...
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