Into the Wild

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  • Published : March 28, 2013
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“Into The Wild”
Throughout the film the main character Christopher Johnson McCandless, goes on an adventure after graduating from college which he strongly feels is the way to get away from society and the idea of control, which possibly resulted from the rough childhood he had. Along the way he adapts a mindset to adventure out into the wilderness of Alaska and eventually meets certain people along the way that would be important to him.

By focusing on the psychoanalytical criticism view of this film, with in relationships and behavior it is a significant key to be observed for many reasons. One being that throughout the story the main character meets people along his adventures and they influence him in some ways. So the relationships between him and his parents, sister, the people he meets: Jan, Rainey, and Ron are all joined together to be an important aspect of how he views his family and friends in the end.

In the first few minutes of the film, the relationship between Christopher and his parents begin to show complication which is the reason why he ends up leaving everything behind and escaping from everything. After his graduation he reads a poem to his sister, relating to his parents graduating and marrying but refers to them as “young and dumb.” This gives us an insight on how Christopher feels about his parents, by how he wishes he warned them not to marry and have children because he feels he could’ve prevented them from a long road of suffering. As the film continues he, his sister and parents meet up at a restaurant to celebrate his graduation. When his parents tell him they’re getting him a new car for a graduation present he takes it offensive and claims that he does not want a new car or anything for that matter. This leads to a conflict of miscommunication as for the reason that Christopher is not a person who relies on material things of the world because he could care less about them.

Secondly, the other relationship we should...
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