Into the Wild

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  • Published : March 22, 2013
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The book “Into the Wild” uses text and design features to make it appeal to the reader. The maps help the readers in tracing the young man’s odyssey. The photo on the first page instantly catches the reader’s attention and imagination. While the emotional story about the McCandless parent’s visit to the site on the book’s epilogue gives a satisfying ending to the readers.

The maps are useful. The two page map that is also the first map shown in the book has the illustration of the route that Chris took to get from Atlanta to Alaska. It’s astonishing to see how far and wide his urge to travel and live life to its fullest brought him to different places and adventures. When the reader reaches the part of his story in the book that mentions the start of his journey into the Alaskan wilderness, there are several maps that can be consulted. One example is the map that highlights Denali National Park and the Stampede Trail; this is the area where McCandless spent the last weeks of his life and where the abandoned bus is located. For people who never been to Alaska, the maps are informative and proves that McCandless had a real historical journey.

The photo of McCandless is fascinating and intriguing. It is the photo on the first page of the book that shows a young man sitting beside an old bus, smiling and looking at the camera. This intriguing photo of McCandless came from the rolls of film found on his remains. Since Chris’s image is looking directly to the readers, his expression looks like he is inviting the readers to learn his story. Despite the fact that the photo also shows an image of a young man that looks emaciated, he seems happy and contented. This famous self-portrait of Chris McCandless is intriguing and raises interest to the reader.

The story from the epilogue gives an emotional and satisfying closure to the readers. This is an additional story that concerns the McCandless parents’ visit to the site where their son spent the last few weeks of...
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