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Into the Trinity

By | October 2008
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Spirituality, religion, and prayer have always been a puzzling and mysterious subject when combined with medicine. Skeptics believe that medicine and spirituality should never mix; the mixture of the two would be a good example of “bad science.” Nonetheless, spirituality and prayer in the medical setting has been on the rise in the past couple of decades. More and more studies are being done to find answers to questions that may, literally, change the future of medical practice. In this research study, this researcher hopes to answer the question, “Does prayer and spirituality have an effect in the medical setting?” This researcher gathered up four interviews with medical workers who do believe in the power of prayer and asked them deep questions concerning about their devotion to faith, and their use of prayer in their work; hoping to find a correlation, if any, to their prayers and the outcome of the patients they prayed for. This researcher also looked at other studies about the power of prayer and spirituality in the medical field discusses matters related to the subject. This researcher was concerned in finding evidence from the journal articles that either supported or not supported the use of prayer. Insights and discussions about the subject were also important to find, to be able to compare how different researchers viewed the subject. For example, some researchers tended to view the subject only through scientific means, while some discussed the subject with a regard to religion and spirituality. Methodology

Some important terms that should be discussed before further explaining this research study, is first of all, prayer. Prayer is a statement or phrase said to an “ultimate” being or God, hoping to be heard and answered. The next term is effect; in this case, this researcher is wondering whether prayers made by these medical personnel, would have an effect, or a result, a good outcome, to the patients that they are praying for. The...

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