Into the Abyss

Topics: Eye color, Black hair, Brown hair Pages: 6 (1830 words) Published: February 22, 2013
Into the Abyss
By Monica Bernice A. Ledesma

One day lived a girl named Hyacinth, an ordinary villager of Amatsu; a village filled with cherry blossom trees and is where the sun sets. Hyacinth wanted to become more than what she is, so she decided to train and be a great wizard.

“Hyacinth, Hyacinth! It's past dawn already!”
Bright blue eyes opened and narrowed against the stream of light that shone through cracks in the shutters. “I'm getting up,” Hyacinth grumbled, rising from bed.

She avoided the low beams of the sloped ceiling of her room with practiced ease, getting dressed in a simple gown of pale blue. With deft fingers, she fastened her long blue-black hair with a polished wooden hair pin and padded down the stairs, ate a quick breakfast and headed out the door. She then was ready for her journey.

Hyacinth went to search for Kafra in Amatsu, a powerful warper that could create warp portals to those who would want to go to their desired destination. As Hyacinth ghosted through a white plaster hallway and into a small and bright room, there stood Kafra, a beautiful, pale-skinned woman with neatly brushed and braided brown hair and green eyes. Despite her stern expression, she had an inherent kindness in her stormy eyes, as well as a curious looking expression.

“Kafra, I would like to go to Geffen.” Hyacinth said kindly.
Kafra paused for a moment and studied her. Suddenly, a bright light beamed from her palms and blue rays of light circled the slate-tiled floor. Then Hyacinth slowly entered. She was successfully warped to Geffen –– the City of Magic in Rune-Midgard. “Wow, I never thought it would be this beautiful.” Hyacinth mumbled as she looked around, for the city was built around an enormous tower.

To begin her quest, she must find Arklow, the High Wizard of Rune-Midgard. She wandered through the streets and entered the building with the flag “Wizards Guild” on it. At the end of the room was Arklow, guarded by two crusaders of Prontera in full armour. His features were raven, dark hair, dark blue eyes, and a masculine body. His hair was shoulder length that was pinned down by a pin. As Hyacinth approached him, the hollow clicks of her black, leather boots were heard coming closer as she walked into the giant, clattered room.

“What do you want?” Arklow ordered.
“I’m here to become a great wizard, master.” Hyacinth replied. Then a spark of fire developed from Arklow’s hand and appeared a piece of scroll. He handed this to Hyacinth. She opened it as moving letters whirled around and came to a stop, forming words and a name of an item she needs to obtain in becoming a wizard. The items she need are a bloody branch –– a cursed branch –– and the Elixir of Life. Breaking the branch would let the boss monster appear that contains the Elixir. She was then transformed into a mage (magician) by Arklow and was given magic to begin her quest.

As she found her way out of Geffen, she was welcomed by an open field –– green, soft grass beneath her feet and tall trees around her –– as the sun glimmered as it sent out its ray prowling lowly on the surface. She felt a strange tinge in her and saw something in the corner of her eye. Quickly, she looked behind her and there stood a goblin, readily handling a spear. Confident enough to take it down, she used her powers. Flames developed from her palms. Suddenly, she shot fire bolts at it until it got weak and disappeared in thin air. Gold coins fell to the ground and she picked it up. “This may be useful to me!” Hyacinth exclaimed.

As she went on for her quest, she met an archer named Idun. Idun’s hair covered his eyes in an awkward angle, and from second to second the wind would come back and forth to fix it away. The sun was up high, but the air was frigid, and cold enough to match Idun's heart. Now this kind of behaviour he understood, but that frozen heart of his, he could never reveal....
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