Intj Reflection Paper

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  • Published : March 8, 2013
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Shelton 1
William E. Shelton III
Ms. Britney N. Orth
A Reflection of Myself
There aren’t many personality tests in this world that I would consider authentic, but the results that I gathered from the Jung Typology test were very accurate. My results concluded that my personality type is INTJ. When analyzed, this test interprets that I obtain distinctive qualities ranging equally high on the introverted and judging side, scoring a 67%. Also, my results confirmed that I portray moderate intuitive traits ending in a score of 25%, and a much expressed thinking personality with a score of 88%. To be quite honest, I really didn’t learn much about myself in the process of doing this test. Even with the “on-the-money” results that I received, I was already aware of these traits that I possess. Furthermore, the reason for this is probably because of the simple fact that I know I am an INTJ; INTJ’s are predominately on the introverted side, and are very “in-tune” with their bodies, knowing exactly what they’re made and capable of. This is the very same reason I wasn’t too surprised when I read my results either. However, the Jung Typology test, if carried out properly, should break-down anyone’s specific personality traits, thus giving them results that sound something like they already perceive themselves. Then again, it could render results that could completely surprise someone. In my case, I already knew what was coming, yet another quality of the intuitive and thinking style I have. I should be able to apply these results to my college career fairly easily for the very same reasons. In addition, INTJ’s can also be perceived as being cold-hearted. It is sometimes hard for INTJ’s to show Shelton 2

much, if any, sympathy for anything. For this reason, when dealing with family and class-mates I will have to change my ways slightly and show a little empathy on their behalf. In conclusion, the Jung Typology Test is a very detailed...
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