Intimacy with the Holy Spirit

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  • Published : June 15, 2010
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Intimacy With the Holy Spirit
Course Paper
By Daniel Pogue
Overview of the Course
The Intimacy with the Holy Spirit course is a core course required by the Master’s of Biblical Studies Program at Central Bible College International, Punta Gorda, FL. The academic studies of this course are designed to acquaint, define, expose, and cause the student to hunger for communion with the Holy Spirit. This course requires five modules of coursework to be accomplished, along with reading the book by Rick Renner titled, The Dynamic Duo: The Holy Spirit and You. A test is administered at the end of the coursework and a 3000-word paper with this course as its subject is the final requirement. As part of module 2 and module 3 a DVD set by John Bevere called, Intimacy with the Holy Spirit is required listening. The coursework is self-study, lecture, and the DVD set combined. The course, Intimacy With the Holy Spirit, is in my opinion one of the most essential courses for any biblical study much less a requirement for a minister of the gospel. The study of the Holy Spirit is probably one of the most neglected opportunities in Christian maturation. Many churches do not teach on or about the Holy Spirit from the pulpit, the classroom, or during any discipleship course. My heart is much like that of Moses; I do not want to dwell where the Spirit of God is not. I want the Holy Spirit to lead, guide, and direct me throughout life.

In my opinion, the Holy Spirit is probably the most mysterious member of the Trinity. Many people do not know, recognized, or acknowledge the workings of the Holy Spirit. In the history of the Church, the Holy Spirit, ant the teaching of the Holy Spirit has been mis-used and abused to manipulate or coerce people all in the name of the Holy Spirit. The enemy has manipulated and falsely duplicated the workings of the Holy Spirit which have served only to confuse and mislead many God-fearing and loving people. Many of the teachings of...
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