Interviews Are Often Regarded as an Imperfect Tool for the Selection of Potential Employees’. How Might Organisation Address This?

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Year 1, Semester 2, Assignment 1

‘Interviews are often regarded as an imperfect tool for the selection of potential employees’. How might organisation address this?

People Management 29394
Semester 2, 1,500-word coursework essay assignment

Businesses constantly strive to employ new methods of obtaining, training and retaining qualified professionals. The trend of using face-to-face interviews, also known as temp-to-hire employment, is often regarded as an imperfect tool for the selection of potential and suitable employees. There are numbers of common mistakes which can lead to low validity decisions and choosing the wrong people for the current job. From the unknown motives that surround us, we select the ones to which we pay attention. Our choice is determined by our own experience, personality and motivation, and this process is known as perceptual selection. This mean that we concentrate on things we like and which are similar to our own interests and ignore other things we do not like and cannot except; and this may lead us into focusing on the inappropriate candidates and to miss the ones which are applicable for the job. There are many researches and assumptions about the validity of the interviews which is crucial for making the last decisions. Despite that interviews have number of errors they cannot be replaced as a selection method, and in relation to avoid these mistakes, the interviewer may choose to use supplementary techniques and methods, which are essential for the decision-making process, and will help for increasing the validity of the gathered information, and also may motivate the selected candidates to perform the given tasks better. The interview is a time in which the interviewer needs to make the right decision about hiring the proper candidate. This mean than the interviewer has to be aware for signs of his or her own bias, and to be as precise as possible in...
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