Interview with a W.I.C Dietitian

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  • Published : February 2, 2013
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Interview with a W.I.C Dietitian

1.)What are the roles and responsibilities and limitation in terms of roles and responsibilities of your chosen health profession in the delivery of health care and/or public health services? A registered dietitian provides adequate nutrition to families in need of nutritional help. A dietitian assesses the nutritional needs of the individual along with the health issue that the person is faced with. A Dietitian will prescribe a specific food package (meal plan) to an individual based on their specific needs. They will analyze and evaluated the overall health of an individual in order to provide adequate nutrition. 2.) What are the educational requirements including licensure, certification or other credentialing requirements? In order to become a dietitian one must go to an accredited college or university and major in a food and nutrition program such as dietetics. After obtaining a bachelor’s degree one must complete a three year internship before they could apply to take the exam. This internship program must be certified with the CADE (Commission on Accreditation for Dietetic education.) once the three year internship was completely the person is now able to take the exam that is administered by the Commission on Dietetic Registration. Once the exam was complete one must become a member of the American Dietetic association and pay a yearly renewal fee. One must also pay a yearly fee to stay registered with the Ohio Board of Dietetics. 3.) Are there continuing education requirements?

Yes, there are continuing education requirements. Every five years the dietitian must complete seventy-five hours of continuing education. The dietitians must be up to date on all licenses and certificates. Some of the certificates that are included are “back to basics”, seven and half hours of breastfeeding education. The W.I.C Dietitians must meet quarterly with all of Mahoning County W.I.C...
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