Interview with a Psychiatrist

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Interview with a psychiatrist
Friday, November 30, 2012
3 pm in Bethany Hospital

What is the delineation between assessment and diagnosis?
On assessment, the psychiatrist use different types of test to diagnose the mental state of the client.  
What are the different ways to assess to mental state of the client?  
Psychiatric history
Weeks before the treatment both the patient and the family are interviewed to have a good ph  
Clinical interview
Is one way to assess the mental state of the patient.
The psychiatrist must consider the appearance, the demeanour whether the patient is cooperative or not, the coherence of his thinking if the answer the patient is relevant to the question (abnormalities in speech and thinking), if there are hallucinations and delusions, the mood, the manic symptoms, if the person is hostile or aggressive.  

Listening is very important.
Analyzing skills is also important especially if the patient has delusions or hallucinations, the psychiatrist must be able to interpret what the patient says, the voices that he or she hears, the deluded, grandiose and great ideas.  

If the person is depressed you must be able to know if the person has suicidal tendencies or if the person has plans to kill somebody.

Through interviews, the psychiatrist also consider the memory of the patient whether it is intact. To measure this, she would be asking several questions like if they remembered what they just ate before going in the clinic or what happened last year. If they could not remember, it can be a significant sign of suffering.  

Psychological tests
House-tree-person exam
60-item personality questionnaire
Intelligence tests

Memory tests
A patient must also be given memory tests and the psychiatric history comes in in this point because if the person has undergone stroke, then the possibility that the person will have a low memory skills is high.  

Mathematical problems and answering...
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