Interview with a Non-Traditional Adult Learner: an Interpretative Report

Topics: Higher education, High school, Education Pages: 3 (974 words) Published: December 26, 2011
Interview with a Non-Traditional Adult Learner: An Interpretative Report Introduction
Non-traditional students can be identified as students who may have "non-traditional" characteristics which may include being financially independent, or delayed enrollment into college (not entering right out of high school), or are returning to college after having "stepped-out" at least once, or are working full time or attending college part time, or have children, are married, widowed or divorced, or commute to campus, or are military veterans. At present this description could be almost all students enrolled in an institution of higher learning. Ryan Coon is one of these non-traditional adult learners. He is returning to higher education after a five year break in his education. Ryan Coon is my twenty-four year old son who has been self-sufficient since he was fifteen. Ryan recently returned to college after a five year absence that took him on a journey of what the world has to offer an undereducated individual. Discoveries

At the age of fifteen, Ryan started his path to higher education, being selected for a co-op program that required him to take college courses while in high school (starting his junior year) and work thirty hours a week with pay and benefits at the Corpus Christi Army Depot. Ryan was on the road to finishing an AAS in Helicopter Maintenance/Repair and Power Plant Management. Ryan was on the Dean’s List and taking Honors courses. His job was paying him to continue taking classes, and he was working at least forty hours each week. Ryan’s future was looking very promising with the vision of completing his AAS in one more semester. By the time Ryan graduated from high school at age seventeen, he already had a car of his own, a retirement account started, and money in the bank. At the age of eighteen, Ryan moved to Dallas to work at an Army Depot there. He transferred there to be with his fiancée. Soon after arriving in Dallas,...
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