Interview with a Licensed Healthcare Professional

Topics: Medicine, Need, Health care Pages: 2 (420 words) Published: October 23, 2010
I conducted an interview with a licensed healthcare professional. The licensed professional I chose was one of the ophthalmologists that I currently work with. Her subspecialty is retina and she commutes to our office once a week, but her main place of employment is at Duke, one of our largest hospital/medical university in North Carolina. The question that was asked at the topic of discussion was what he believes to be the top three priorities for healthcare today.

The top choices as her top three priorities for healthcare today were (1) access, (2) cost, and (3) communication. She chose access to be number one because she felt that the government needed to provide easier access to care for those that have no or limited coverage. In her opinion, based on the economy and the medical field, we are spending so much money to enhance this technology when many of our citizens are facing these hardships and cannot afford to have access to these better services. Cost was another topic on her list that she felt was an issue that needed to be addressed. Costs increase in healthcare as we better technology and us as a society now have an ethical decision on whether who does or does not get or qualify for treatment. Communication, chosen lastly, but still provided valid points. We have all this good technology and are willing to always improve to enhance patient care, but communication can cause a big delay in treatment regardless of how good or how much this technology really is if care is not made more efficient. The healthcare system does provide good technology, but what good is it if one physician needs to contact another physician for labs that was performed at their facility. There is a delay when needing something simple as labs. Or with the same instance with the labs, with all this technology why do physicians need to wait so many days to review a lab that they ordered and the results would be ready in approximately a day or so? Things like these three prior...
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