Interview with Bill Gates

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  • Published : April 10, 2013
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The interview:
A social media was interviewing Bill Gates about the late Steve Jobs. The interviewer would like to know more personal information from Bill Gates about his rivalry with Steve Jobs. Gates said that he didn’t consider Steve as his rival. The interviewer continued to ask that Gates ever came to Jobs’ house and even got through his kitchen. Gates elaborated the past time he came over Steve Jobs’ house to the interviewer that Steve had different skills, been believed having revolutionary ways in using computers, good designating approach, and a great strength when he ran the Apple. Steve Jobs and Bill Gates were enjoying the talking. They both of Gates and Jobs ever talked about their families, how lucky they are about whom the women they have been married. The interviewer then asked about the passing Steve Jobs. Bill Gates answered that it was a strange moment to have him passed away. It was unfortunate to Bill Gates to experience the passing. Bill Gates then said that we have got to look back the great opportunity they had that gave big impact to human kind. The last information to Bill Gates forwarded by the interviewer was about the other probability project Bill Gates now has besides the Microsoft he is now running. Bill Gates enchantingly explained to the interviewer that he now has a philanthropic work. He hopes he has more time for it. The interviewer suggested with a pleasure to Bill Gates that he has to stay healthy to watch that philanthropic work happen. Bill Gates added he has a couple of kids to possibly run the philanthropic work after his limited time comes. The opinion:

From the interview, the writer may conclude that Bill Gates and Steve Jobs had a good relationship in social and even in professional ways. They run the same professional companies, Bill Gates for Microsoft and Steve Jobs for Apple. While the whole world is considering that Bill Gates and Steve Jobs had a rivalry, Bill...
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