Interview with an HR Director

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  • Published : April 20, 2011
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We met for lunch with Marisela Williams, the Director of HR for Freedman Seating. The company produces bus seats and frame structures for buses, motor coaches, vans and specialty vehicles. It’s a family owned company that’s being around for over 150 years and employees approximately 650 workers. She has been with the company 3 years and prior to that she worked for an organization that had 350 stores across the United States with approximately 540 total employees. Below are the series of questions that we asked her along with her responses.

1.What is your company mission and what role do you play in it?? Company mission is to produce quality seats, at reasonable prices, promoting safety, providing excellent customer service while being a profitable company. The role she plays in the company’s mission is to facilitate and provide training to employees so that they can achieve the mission of the company. 2.What are the skills and/or attributes you value most when hiring someone? Marisela values the applicants that show the desire to do a good job. There have been plenty of times when applicants have the experience and know how of the position they are applying for, but show little desire to now. At that point she would rather hire the applicant that wants to work, that wants to do a job and shows it in their attitude. That will be an example of an attribute that will take place while debating within applicants.

3.Could you describe a typical day or week in your position? In her line of work a typical day does not exist. She may plan what she “wants” to do the next day, but when tomorrow comes, she gets challenged by new issues, problems, concerns & fires to attend to. It varies from an employee not doing his/her job as instructed to a manager mistreating an employee. 4.How do you view your group/division/department? She views her group to be hard working and always willing to help and listen. At times it’s a learning lesson for one, but...
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