Interview with an Entreprenuer

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Interview with an entrepreneur who, has within the past 10 years, started an enterprise whose sale now exceed RM3 million and are profitable and doing well. This could be someone you see as an example of business venture development to determine the key success factors to which you eager to learn and share.

This is a case study of an entrepreneur who had started a business about 10 years ago. His enterprise’s sales exceeds RM3 million and above. He is an example of an entrepreneur that anyone can emulate and start of as a business venture development. Company History.

Reverse Osmosis Water Sdn. Bhd, a company incorporated in peninsula Malaysia. It specializes in reverse osmosis drinking water. Initially the production line roll out a thousand cartons of drinking water. That was back in 2002. Today, the company’s production line has multiplied to three lines capable of producing 385,000 bottles a day. This company has successfully accomplished past objectives to improve it’s image locally as well as internationally.

Reverse Osmosis in bottled water has been adopted by bottled water companies to remove impurities. This method of purification is efficient for industrial bottled water companies and a more viable method than distillation procedures.

Reverse Osmosis in Bottled Water

The process of reverse osmosis involves a semi-permeable membrane through which water is forced. It differs from normal osmosis in that water is pushed through the membrane removing impurities rather than natural diffusion where water moves through the membrane to form an equilibrium. Because soluble particles like salt are larger than water molecules, the membrane blocks the impurities and only clean, fresh water is collected on the other side.

The advantages of reverse osmosis are cost efficiency and the removal of minerals and chemicals present in regular tap water. In addition to salt, reverse osmosis also removes lead, manganese, iron, and calcium. Reverse osmosis also removes fluoride, which has been linked to chronic kidney disease by the American Dental Association. Bottled water purification including reverse osmosis is regulated by the FDA. The FDA requires bottled water companies to adhere to strict regulations in reverse osmosis processes. Bottled water is tested and required to stay within a maximum level of contaminants including chemicals, microbial and radiation products. Bottled Water Companies use reverse osmosis is an efficient way to rid impurities from water, only some bottled water companies use this technique for filtration. Owners’ Resume.

Mr.Lee (withholds full name) a successful Entrepreneur. A visionary with a vision to help human find water resources for cleaner and purer water supply. A business Leader with the right attitude, mind-set, committed, courageous. He is jovial in nature and has the ability to relate to people effortlessly and genuinely. Being from the old school who believes in people as an asset and has tremendous generosity towards his employees. He believes that ideas and products don’t succeed; people do. In addition to being the founder of the company, Mr.Lee currently manages the company as the Managing Director and his involvement literally in all levels of his staff organization which has enabled him to recognize that the major important directions are geared towards human aspects of the organization. Mr. Lee has hired people with skill and experience as business officers, managers and persons with at least 20% ownership in the company to help him run the company at management level. Has a top notch management team credible people with experience, talent, and integrity to breathe life into the business. Advisers consisting of industry experts who lend credibility and enhance the value of the management team. Led by people with technical knowledge and passion for water as a resource to help mankind which makes for an ideal combination. The company is now in an extensive R&D...
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