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Topics: Psychology, Emotion, Suicide Pages: 2 (500 words) Published: January 24, 2013
Interview transcript 1 (With Dr. Lauren Man)
Date: 2nd November 2011
Time: 2:00 - 2:30 pm
Venue: Dr. Man’s counseling centre (Central)
Mode of interview: Face to face personal interview

Q: I know some people define the symptoms of stress into four categories, can you briefly introduce them? I remember one of them is behavioral? A: Yes, that are what public usually define the symptoms. We usually divide the features of stress into four main categories. They are in terms of cognitive, emotional, physical and also behavioral. These four are the most common way to define the feature of stress as they cover many aspects. Cognitive refers to how one looks at, recognises oneself. Patients who suffered from inability to concentrate may not be able to focus on specific work for more than 30 minutes. Some serious cases may only focus for 15 minutes only. Emotional refers to the one’s emotion changes. Physical refers to the body situation, how one’s body functions under stress. Lastly, it’s behavioral symptoms. Behavioral refers to one’s behaviors, actions and attitude towards daily life. This is also the most common way of observing a patient. Q: What do you think about nowadays Hong Kong teenagers’ stress level? Any examples? A: In my opinion, every one of them is undergoing stress undoubtedly. I can’t tell the stress level for sure, because everyone isn’t the same. I am not them. I can’t speak for them. But I think most of them are not in a very serious situation I can tell. Yet, I also met some extreme cases before. That was a girl and she tries five times, trying to commit suicide only because of poor academic results. And she is actually studying in a band one, famous school. That’s kind of ironic. Q: What do you suggest to reduce or eliminate stress?

A: Stress is a must in everyone’s life, there’s no way we can avoid it. Little stress is healthy for us but not long-term stress or course. Doing exercises (including sports) is the most effective way to...
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