Interview Topic: Cultural Differences Between Austrian and Indian

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Topic: Cultural differences between Austrian and Indian employees/managers. Dear Interviewee,
We are primarily interested in your personal experiences, and all questions are to be seen as related to you! •Name : Birgitt
Native Country (indicate any double citizenship): Austria •Gender: Female
Country(ies) visited: South America, Asia, Europe and Australia •Age : 25

Q1: Explain generally where the greatest differences between Austrian and Indian worklife are to be found. There are generally more Indians employed for a job that is usually done by only one Austrian. Time perception is different. I think Indians have more working hours.

Q2: How do you feel that your country is different than other countries? I like it because India is a country that is still in transition and is very dynamic. In Austria the development seems to be limited already.

Q3 : What can you point out as being the most important cultural difference between an Indian and Austrian/European ? -Perception of cleaness is different
-People in India seem to be more laid back
-The importance of religion is higher in general
-Man are more dominant

Q4 : What stereotypes do people in your country generally use to describe the following groups (don't describe your own people if listed below):

* The Americans: stupid, fat and superstitious

* The French: arrogant, unfriendly and not willing to speak English

* The Germans: punctual and boring

* The Indians: nodding with there head a different way, funny and lazy

Q5 : When you travel abroad, do you think that these preconceptions are justified (on a scale from 1 to 5)?

1 (In general Yes)
3 – sometimes yes, sometimes no. !!!!!!!!
5 (Not at all)

Give examples:

Q6 : How do you perceive the professional communication between foreign (Austrian/European ) and Indian employees? -Formal
-Friendly, small talk on the beginning
-Showing strong interest about the other country
-Indians more friendly, Austrians more focussed and harsh

Q7: How do organizational principles in India differ from Austrian ones? Indians like to foresee everything and plan in advance, Austrians more flexible in plan making (short time)

Q8 : In the business world, would you say that:

- The level of responsibility given to people is linked to:
(several answers are possible)
* their position in the company  my answer
* the number of years spent in the company
* their age
* their sex
* other:

-The boss of a company:
* is hard to reach
* can be reached easily  my answer
* needs to have authority
* doesn't try to appear powerful

Q9: In your society, information is generally transmitted ? * directly, through explicit messages, so as not to waste time.  my answer * indirectly, through many unspoken messages.
* other:

Q10: How are foreigners accepted in India? Do you have experiences concerning expatriates and their acceptance by Indian employees? I don’t have experience but I was told that they integrate foreigner pretty fast Q11: How important is the topic of religion in daily worklife in India? Really important, in Austria it is not.

Q 12: Would you say that your country is rather turned towards Individualism or Collective/group spirit (on a scale from 1 to 5)

1 (Individualism)  very individualistic
5 (Collective/group spirit)

Q13: Rank the following concepts from 1 (positive) to 5 (negative) depending on their positive or negative value in your society?

* clearness: 1
* saving one's face: 4
* frankness: 3
* working in group: 2
* personal pride: 3
* competition: 3

Q14: The tendency to change companies or jobs in india is:
* high
* low
* other: don’t know
Q15: As far as time organization, people in india:

tend to do
* do just one thing at a time  my answer
* do several things at once
* other:

tend to be
* very punctual
* rather punctual
* rarely on time  my answer
* never on time...
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