Interview Schedule for Instructional Supervisor

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Interview Schedule for Instructional Supervisor
Interviewer: _____________________________
Interviewee: ____________________________
Date: _____________
Duration: _________
Purpose: This interview is geared towards getting meaningful insights and understanding of how instructional supervisor supervises teachers. 1.How long have you being working that this institution?

2.How long have you being a head of department?
3.What is the highest level of education you have obtained? 4.What is your philosophy of teachers should be supervised? 5.Why teachers’ need to be supervised?
6.Which model (s) of supervision you espouse? Why?
7.How important is reflective practices to the continuous development of effective teaching? 8.When evaluating teachers’ what do you evaluate?
9.What are some of the questions you ask a teacher when evaluating their lesson? 10.What attempts are make to continuously improve individual teachers' competencies? 11.How the issue of teachers’ underperformance is handle in your department? 12.What would you suggest to aspiring instructional supervisor about becoming an effective instructional supervisor? Thank you for participating in this interview.

Note to Lecturer: Dr. Reid my aim is to use the interview to gather information about the instructional supervisor’s philosophy and belief system; models and strategies used by him/her. Then, I will write a summary of the interview, analyze the instructional supervisor’s philosophy and belief of instructional supervision. In addition, a brief summary of the strengths and weaknesses of the models and strategies used will be included; and finally, direct responses to the questions asked during the interview will be presented after the reference list. Any suggestion(s)?
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