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Topics: Safety, Hazard, Fire extinguisher Pages: 3 (707 words) Published: February 11, 2013
1. When someone needs emergency care, time is critical because: a. Production has to continueb. the victim might fall asleepc. we miss lunch d. The chances of successful resuscitation diminish with time e. irreversible brain damage can occur within minutes

2. How do you identify Arterial bleeding?

3. Describe the steps of reporting a fire?

4. What are the three elements of a fire?

5. What is a workers general duty in the event of a fire? a. run awayb. continue his work c. inform other and evacuate the buildingd. fight the fire if it is small, he/she knows what is burning and he/she has the correct extinguisher

6. How do you operate a fire extinguisher?

7. Where should people go in case of a fire?
a. homeb. to the rest room c. leaving the premises through the fire exitsd. to the assembly point

8. Describe two types of hazardous substances

9. Describe the basic principles of a lifting plan

10. What is the definition of an injury?

11. What is the definition of an illness?

12. What is a hazard?
a. an exotic animalb. anything that has the potential to cause harm to people or the environment c. a desert plant

13. What is a risk?
a. a hazardb. hazard and chancec. likelihood X hazardd. likelihood X consequenced. hazard X consequence

14. List 15 common hazards

15. Accidents happen because of which 3 factors?
a. foolish behaviorb. immediate causesc. bad habitsd. hazardse. root causesf. bad equipmentg. underlying causes

16. Why do you need to investigate accidents and incidents?

17. Outline the initial actions to be taken following a major accident at work

18. The industry affects the environment by which 5 main factors?

19. Design by hand a Tool Box Talk for the following combined activity: Welding of 18 inch pipes at an elevation of 3 meters, in the field (desert) Your lifting equipment shall be a...
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