Interview questions and answers for house manager and waiter/waitress

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Interview questions and answers for house manager and waiter/waitress

By | November 2013
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1) Interview Question & Ideal Answer

(a) Waiter/ Waitress
Question 1: What attitude should waiters/ waitresses have?
Answer 1: We should always greet customers with a smile and should also have good manners to everyone. Justification 1: Leaving personal matters at home, being work-minded when u go to work, and having a good attitude is the aspects that a professional require to have. Additionally, having a good attitude means being polite, puncture and considerate.

Question 2: What would you do if customer’s choice of food is not available at that time? Answer 2: I will convince the customer to either go for another choice, or suggest an alternative that closely matches what the customer is looking for. Justification 2: To seek exactly what skills that person possesses and their ability to overcome problems.

Question 3: What is the most challenging element of becoming a waiter? Answer 3: The most challenging element of becoming a waiter is to face the problematic customers, besides this, low income and fatigue also are the challenging element of becoming a waiter. Justification 3: This is to test the knowledge that they have for becoming a waiter, to understand them deeper to create a better bond with them, and to allow the management to have an idea on the issues and difficulty that the waiters are facing.

Question 4: Did you take the lead in a restaurant before during a crisis? Answer 4: Yes, I have taken the lead in a restaurant before during a crisis. There is a sudden blackout during the afternoon, and my supervisor had gone out for a break. There is only me and 2 other staffs during that moment and lots of customers. I have no choice but to act fast and reach into the inner me that was telling me what to do. I tried my best to calm the customer and fix this situation as fast as I could. At the end, I was able to find out the cause of this blackout and successfully fixed it back. Justification 4: To know whether that person is able...

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