“Interview Questions”

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“Interview Questions” are validation of the information in your resume

“Interview Questions” are validation of the information in your resume & it’s the employer’s way to review the applicant’s capacity for the available position. It’s a normal thing to an applicant to feel anxious during interview sessions, which SHOULD NOT BE. Otherwise, you will loose your focus on answering those questions. Instead of giving them the best answers, it will turn out confusing & out of the league. 1. Tell me about yourself?

2. Why do you want to work for us?
3. What would you do for us? What can you do for someone else can’t? 4. Why should we hire you?
5. What do you look for in a job?
6. What are your strong points?
7. What are your weak points?
When dealing with interview questions, a certain applicant should understand the duties & responsibilities of the position he’s applying for, his skills & the company he’s applying for.

Since you put your comment under the post “Becoming EMIRATES Cabin Crew - Application Procedure“, so I presume that you are applying for Emirates as Cabin Crew.

I may not give you an accurate answer to these questions because each individual has different skills & previous working experiences. But I will give you an idea on how you will deal on these questions. Before that, you need to take note that during interview sessions, these are the following factors you need to emphasize;

1 - Your personality

2 - Your Educational Background

3 - Your Working Experiences

4 - Your Skills

Other than these, it is not really necessary to mention about your favorite hobbies, colors & motto in life. I don’t think those things are important for Cabin Crew Position.

Its fine to memorize some important phrases to answer these frequently asked interview questions. Though try to balance it, so they wouldn’t feel that you called your college teacher to help you out with those questions. Here’s the questions & my idea on how you’re going to deal with it. Other people may have some idea so you might want to check some other links like these two - a.) Most Frequently Asked Interview Questions; b.) 50 Common Interview Questions & Answers.

1. Tell me about yourself.

When answering to this question, you need to remember that they already have an idea on you since they have your resume. It is better to answer this in a short statement. You may start on telling your age & what country you from.

Second statement, might mention your over all qualifications that fit on the requirements their looking for. You need to assess yourself which of your qualifications - educational background or working experience, will fit better on the requirements of the position of Cabin Crew.

If you’re a graduate of customer-related-course & not that much working experience, you can mention what degree you have & what college school you attended with. Do not mention the years you attended instead mention there the reason why you took such study.

Example, “I am a graduate of B.S. Tourism in University of the Phils. I took this course to gain knowledge, not just traveling but also my passion in customer service specifically in dealing with different type of people.

If you’re not a graduate of customer-related-course but has working experience that has orientation about customer service, you may highlight on your statement your previous job positions & some responsibilities. I mention there SOME because detailed info about this should be specified in your resume.

2. Why do you want to work for us?

Emirates all knew that applicants aiming for a position of Cabin Crew means travel opportunities. So, it’s not bad to mention it here, although you need to emphasize the possible career development that Emirates can offer to you. Check THE EMIRATES GROUP CAREERS CENTER for details. One or two reasons will be enough to discuss here.

3. What would you do for us? What can you do for us that someone else can’t?

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