Interview Questions

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interview most likely question
This interview question assignment introduces my capabilities as a proficient and motivate individual. I have good qualities such as analytical, numeric skill, communication skill, interpersonal skill which are in my resume that I have submitted to your company. This quality has enabled me to motivate, coordinate and persuade team members to give their best performance. The interview questions are as follows, tell me about yourself, what is your one weakness? Tell me about your greatest achievement and how would your peers/colleagues describe you? “Tell me about yourself”

I am very responsible, dedicated and honest with work ethic. My management skills are excellent, I am organised, efficient and I am taking pride of my work. I enjoy working in a team environment, and I get along well with others. My skills help me get along with others wells. I am self motivated worker with positive attitude who enjoys working in a challenging environment. I have good understanding in the finance sector, problem solving and like dealing with numerical problems. As a supervisor, in the Ministry of Health in Nigeria, it was not easy for me to cover a ward with six teams, but under that pressure I was able to cover my target that was given to me. Above all, I would say I am a positive and enthusiastic person. I take my job seriously but I am able to see things in different perspective and I believe that I am quite easy going to work with. I have dreamt of working with your company because of the company’s goodwill and the kind of persons working in the company which I know will also help me to achieve more knowledge. What is your one weakness?

My one weakness is impatient. This has fetched me a lot of good recommendation because I always go to my boss to ask of project to embark on instead of waiting for my boss to bring a project or task for me to do. Sometimes it looks as if am disturbing my boss so I have to planned to develop...
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