Interview Project

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  • Published : March 7, 2011
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Interview Project

Dale Acree
Kaplan University
February 19, 2011

In summary of my project to interview a professional in the criminal justice field, I chose to interview Special Agent Craig Tomlinson with the FBI. Special Agent Tomlinson has been in the FBI for 14 years and was a police officer for 13 years before that. He also served on his department’s S.W.A.T. team while he was a police officer. The reason why he decided to be a FBI agent is just simply that he wanted “to step it up” and go further with his career. Special Agent Tomlinson has three degree's, all of them in criminology. The reason why I thought he would be a perfect person to interview is because my goal is to be a FBI agent after I graduate and have experience being a police officer. Much like Special Agent Tomlinson, I plan to get my associates degree in criminal justice and become a police officer. When I get some experience I hope to also become a S.W.A.T. team member. I believe that after at least three years of being a police officer I will have enough experience to apply for the FBI Before and even more so after my interview with Special Agent Tomlinson, I did some research on being an FBI agent and also a police officer. What I found out about being a police officer I mostly already knew, but the things I learned about becoming and being a FBI agent really amazed me. First, being a police officer is a very rewarding career, when you are a police officer you deal with your community, county or state. When you are a town cop you interact with the community you work in. If your work in a smaller community then you will probably be able to get to know people by their names and interact more and have conversations with. As a sheriff you would be able to have the same but you would patrol more than just one town, so that gives you even more of a chance to get to know people from a different community. As a state trooper you wont have as much of the personal...
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