Interview Profile, Finals Beh 225

Topics: Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, Personality psychology, Emotion Pages: 4 (1700 words) Published: February 23, 2011
Interview Profile
Josephine Aponte
February 6, 2011
Jon Jensen

I have interviewed a very good friend of mines and to my surprise she has different views on a lot of things than I do. Although I always thought of us as being so much the same and we truly are in a lot of ways, I come to see that we really are different in so many. Before the interview process with my friend that I will call Nikki for now, this is not her name but just to keep the interview confidential as promised this is what I will refer to her as. Nikki expressed that she remembers information more accurately when she observes the behavior being performed. She stated that if she reads about a behavior she could remember it but would not be able to describe the behavior accurately unless she memorized what she read. She stated seeing things first hand for herself that she would be able to remember it better. I also would prefer to see the behavior being performed verses reading it because sometimes I have to read things a couple of time or go back and read it because I already forgot what happened. I asked Nikki if she would prefer to study in a library or at home where there are background noises and some distractions. Nikki stated that she preferred to study at home although there are distractions and some noise she find it more comforting. She mentioned that she gets bored in a library because it is too quiet and she finds that to be a lot more distraction than actually having physical distractions. She also stated that although studying at home can have some distractions she plans the times that it is more quiet to so her studying. Nikki has taken the Meyers Briggs test. She was a little reluctant because she stated she does not do very well with surprise test. I assured her that this was a psychological type of test and that there is neither right nor wrong answers to the test and that she should just answer them truthfully and to best of her knowledge. The results...
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