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  • Published : March 31, 2011
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Candidate Name: Tan Ha

Before my colleagues or myself meet with you there is some preparation that we ask all candidates to do so that we can represent you in the marketplace in the most effective way.

A) 2 peer, senior and subordinate references (6 in total) Zeina Moran0409790605
Lisa Digirolamo 0435736346

B) Reasons for leaving and reasons for joining your current and previous employers – Reason for leaving Oportos (Melbourne Central) was for my current workplace, in order to gain experience in the field I am studying in. There was an opportunity to work in an accounting firm in order to gain experience in the industry thus joining my current employer.

3 key achievements: where you have instigated change, solved problems, used initiative, developed relationships. Any achievement that you are proud of that would be of interest to potential employers. Created a new filing system for archived files, to begin with the archived files were put into boxes and were generally all over the place, I found that it was hard to locate files so I re-organised it so that they were all in number order, any company groups were put together in the same box and also boxes were allocated numbers. Also a printed out excel spreadsheet with the recorded numbered boxes with details of what it contained was printed out so that employees could look through it to see whether the file was there or not before going to the back of the office to get it. This made it easier for files to be located and handled. Also at Moran Accountants I constantly kept myself busy, being it reorganising files, or just asking for any other kind of work that needs to be done, no matter how menial it may be. For a university project, I was put in a team of 4 people; to begin with no body tried contacting one another or even attempting to start planning for the project. I took the initiative and contacted everybody, set a time for a...
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