Interview Outline Beh 225

Topics: Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, Psychology, Motivation Pages: 1 (270 words) Published: May 8, 2012
Interview Outline

I am interviewing 32 years old male a friend of mine and we also went to school together and he graduated before me. I have known her since the 5th grade. I pretty much know how he is and what his attitude is like. I have his permission to interview him for this assignment for class.

Questions for the Interview:
1. Is he/she is better at a tasks when motivated intrinsically or extrinsically? (Motivation Ch 9)

2. Does he/she remember information more accurately when he/she observes it behavior performed, or would they rather read how the behavior is to be performed? (The Learning and Memory Process Ch 5 & 6)

3. Does he/she rather study in a library, or would they rather study at home where there are no detractions? (The Learning and Memory Process Ch 5 & 6)
4. Has he/she ever taken the Myers Briggs test? Report the results. (Personality & Attitudes Ch 11 & 15)

5. Does he/she think the results are accurate? State why or why not? (Personality & Attitudes Ch 11 & 15)

6. Does he/she feel that they self-monitor themselves when it comes to there attitudes? If so how? (Personality & Attitudes Ch 11 & 15)
7. What he/she think has the most influence on there attitude? (Personality & Attitudes Ch 11 & 15)
8. What do he/she feel has the most affect on the development of his/her personality? (Personality & Attitudes Ch 11 & 15)
9. Does he/she think that race, gender, or ethnicity played a part in the person they have grown to be? State why or why not?
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