Interview of a Social Worker

Topics: Sociology, Social work, International Federation of Social Workers Pages: 2 (405 words) Published: November 30, 2011
Given the sense of importance of helping people with social needs, has affected many people to want to become social workers, because there aren’t many other careers that can be so important to society. Social workers provide professional support and wide variety of services to people who have social difficulties. They work closely with their targeted population as well as with social care organizations and government institutions acting as mediators and social consultants. Therefore, because of the sensitivity of this position, the job interview for social workers includes: behavioral interview questions, experience/qualifications questions. These questions are asked to asses the level of skills/motivation of the applicant to the said position. Read further:

Social Worker Interview Questions for Social Work
1. What are your experiences/qualifications for this position – working with people with social needs? 2. Why do you want to work with this community /population? Why did you choose this career? What led you to this filed? What motivates you about social work? 3. Why did you apply for this particular position?

4. Can you work on multiple projects on the same time – multitasking? 5. Describe an unexpected/stressful situation you’ve experienced in your previous job as social worker. How did you handle the situation? 6. How do you communicate information to your supervisors?

7. How do you establish good communication with your team?
8. How do you show an interest and compassion in what a person (with social needs) is saying? 9. Have you ever acted as a mentor?
10. How do you keep yourself motivated?
11. How do you prioritize tasks during a day work? How do you handle a high workload? 12. How frequently do you ask support from others?
13. Have you turn down a request from a person? What was the reason? 14. What would you think are the key social work challenges for this position? 15. What do you want to achieve at this position? What are your next years’...
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