Interview of a Social Service Agency Using Advocates

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Interview of a Social Service Agency Using Advocates

International AIDS Empowerment is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to improve the lives of people living with HIV/AIDS and to diminish the rate of new infections through education, outreach, and testing (IAE, 2011). Most of the populations served at the agency are gay men between the ages of 18-24, homeless, and people with established families. Alex Vasquez, who is the housing manager of International AIDS Empowerment started as a volunteer in 2007 and with his experience advance to his current position. As a housing manager he is responsible for meeting every clients needs through experience and advocacy.

International AIDS Empowerment has a protocol that needs to be followed to ensure that every client’s life is improved emotionally, physically, and financially. To ensure that a client gets the highest level of care possible, the client has to go through an interview process. After the client has been interviewed, an assessment is scheduled to determine the level of care he or she needs. Once a treatment plan has been established, the staff starts advocating for that particular client. The advocates from International AIDS Empowerment will advocate for their clients’ needs, but in some instances the clients will do his or her own advocating. If a client is in good physical and mental health condition, the client will be encouraged to get involved in his or her welfare. Clients who have a weak health condition are encourage to follow their treatment plan while advocates from the agency work hard to ensure that they are getting the most effective support possible. Interview

Alex Vasquez is an advocate for International AIDS Empowerment; he volunteered for the agency for five years and through his experience became the agency’s housing manager. He became involved with the agency when he learned that his best friend was infected with the HIV virus. He wanted to educate himself about...
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