Interview of a Person with Life Experiences Living in a Retirement Home

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  • Published : January 29, 2013
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When I first walked in the room I noticed that Mark, the man I was interviewing, was in a wheel chair. His neck was leaning forward, his eyes full of sorrow, and his hands looked as if they were in pain, all crinkled up and moving in a very unnatural way. Honestly, I thought he was not in his right state of mind. But soon I found out what had caused his strange manner. I sat down right next to him and began to ask a series of very personal and emotional questions. Mark had a very interesting life, not an easy life, but he did cherish his special moments with very many special people in his life. When Mark was a little boy, he remembers walking down to the a baseball field about 3 miles from his school every day. He knew he wasn’t the best kid on the team, but he still went everyday and had a blast playing with his friends. Mark had 2 older brothers. His closest brother, Tom got in the printing business at the age of only 18. Marks favorite memory with Tom was getting to go to the local auctions every Saturday to find printing equipment. Tom would give Mark 50 cents for carrying his equipment home after the auction was over. When asked about an embarrassing moment Mark hesitated and slowly stated, “in one sense one doesn’t think about embarrassing moments as an adult, but as a teenager you are very easily embarrassed”. Mark’s story was when he was in High school, and he got sick in the hallway. He couldn’t make it to the bathroom so he threw up on another student. That really made me start to think and it is actually true, teenagers get embarrassed at everything. I started to think why and I believe it is, because as a teenager our image means the most to us, adults are more mature then us and understand that our image and appearance aren’t everything. Biggest regret was during the year the Hunt Brothers were buying up the silver market. He found a set of sterling silver table wear at a thrift store for about 50 cents each and bought 3...
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