Interview of a Person Who Lived During the Cold War

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  • Published : August 28, 2012
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Cold War Interview -Yujean Chan
1. What do you remember hearing about the Cold War? What did people say about it? When I was a kid I remember hearing about nuclear weapons on the radio and my parents used to mention it too. I also remember hearing about the Cuban Missile Crisis though I didn’t really understand much about it since I was too young and I lived in Britain so I did not worry about it. I didn’t hear much about the war from friends or in class. I remember hearing about the Russians and that they were our enemies. I didn’t know why and I never bothered to ask when I was a child. 2. What did you think of the things you were being told during the Cold War?

I didn’t really believe in the things being said in the news and thought it was just propaganda. I remember finding it interesting to see what was going on in the newspapers. But I would only briefly look at them. 3. What did you think of the Vietnam War?

I thought that the war was going to go on forever and never end. I remember seeing pictures of burning people and thinking how horrible it was. I was glad that I was not personally affected by this. It made me confused and in disbelief on how Americans dealt with others. 3. Did anyone you know participate in war efforts?

I didn’t particularly know the people but some people in my school were part of the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament. There were marches for it and I remember wanting to join them but I wasn’t someone who wanted to get involved.

4. Did you hear about bomb shelters? If so what about it?
There weren’t any bomb shelters from the threat of nuclear war in the Cold War but I did see a bomb shelter from World War II. My friend’s family had one and I played in it with him. They were pretty small. I guess there wasn’t any new bomb shelters since there were still some left over from World War II. 5. How did other people’s opinions affect yours on the Cold War?

What I heard mostly about the war when I was a child was from my...
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