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Topics: Termination of employment, Employment, Question Pages: 1 (342 words) Published: February 19, 2013
Question : As a store manager where did you struggle when solving problem? Answer : An employee who is difficult to manage, they have the perception that they are not appreciated. They feel that they have not been complimented adequately for work well done. They feel they deserve more attention. Sometimes a difficult-to-manage employee’s behavior is the result of personal problems—an ailing parent, a runaway child, a divorce, or financial difficulties. In this case, I need to show them that I understand their situation. If at all possible, I offer the employee time off or an adjustment in work hours so that he or she can focus on resolving his or her personal problem. However, if the problem is of an ongoing nature and is having a serious negative impact on my workplace, I need to let the person know that some sort of resolution is imperative. If the problem persists, I have a formal, closed-door meeting with the employee and address the most obvious examples of his or her inappropriate behavior in a forthright manner. If an employee remains difficult despite all attempts at building rapport or providing help, I need to make a careful assessment. I will be honest, by simply asking myself, do I simply dislike this employee?, are the difficulties I am experiencing perhaps minor in character? If this is the case, I drop the matter. But if the employee is truly exhibiting behavior problems that seriously disrupt the workplace, I need to take further action. Consider issuing a written warning that details the specific problems as clearly as possible. If, after issuing such a warning, the employee’s bad behavior persists, the only solution is termination. I will consult our company attorney before dismissing the employee. I need to know whether or not I have a strong enough case to withstand a potential lawsuit for wrongful firing. An employee who has been fired for issues relating to difficult behavior is much more likely to sue me than an employee fired due to poor...
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