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U01a1 What is Psychology? Interview Interpretation Sheet

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Directions: Answer the following questions regarding the information you gathered from your interviewees.

1. Please describe any common elements among the statements made by your subjects.

The common elements among the statements made by my interviewees was they all seemed pressured to feel as if they needed to give an educational or professional statement instead of just whatever came to mind first. All of them hesitated or were very reluctant to answer the question somewhat.

2. How do the notions about psychology shared by your subjects differ from the definition of psychology offered in your text?

The notions about psychology shared by the subjects were similar somewhat but it was not a textbook definition by far.

3. Please describe any major misconceptions your subjects shared during their interviews.

Major misconceptions shared by my subjects was the uneasiness of the interview in the name of psychology. They felt somewhat that they were going to be given a mental dissection at the mere mention of the word psychology.

4. Did your subjects identify any of the goals of psychology or any of the contemporary ways to look at behavior, as described in your text.

None of the subjects really got into the question for the most part all of their answers were very short and to the point.

5. Identify any differences and similarities in responses by gender, age or educational level. there were many differences in responses due to age and educational level. my subjects age were ranged from 18 to 48age gave great significance to the depth of their explanation to their response.

Sexes of the subjects were 2 female one male from what I could see the females were more expressive than that of the male subject....
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