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  • Published : June 19, 2012
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Hi Friends
I am Raghu and I have been to mafoi last week for interview on GIS process for Google. It consists of 4 rounds in mafoi Office near Himayatnagar and coming to the rounds are Round 1: Quick introduction n JAM session

Round 2: Personal interview
Round 3: Written Test (Includes essay writing as well)
Round 4: Online test (in mafoi office itself)
Round 5: Client round (In Google) (I don’t have any details about this round bcoz I didn’t clear online test) Coming to Round 1 i.e. give a quick intro about you n the topics for JAM are 1. Role model

2. Corruption
3. Holiday spot/ favorite destination.
4. Even you might get a chance of speaking on your own topic(least possibility) Round 2: Personal interview (what I have faced)

As I am a 2011 pass out
* Tell me about yourself?
* she asked me what you were doing for the past one year( I said I was searching for job) * Next question is How many interviews did you attended so far? And what are they? * Why should I hire you?

* She said I guess your age is around 23 and the question is… What are your achievements in past 23 years of life?

Round 3: Written Test
It includes 5 sections
Section 1: General knowledge (10 questions)
Section 2: Geographical knowledge (10 qtns)
Section 3: Logical reasoning (10 qtns)
Section 4: visual reasoning (10 qtns)
Section 5: Essay writing (5 topics)
* Role model
* Indian politics
* Indian history
* Media
* Sports
I do have a hard copy of all questions and if possible at the most I will try putting them here on this site For this particular round please please try to refer because 95 % questions are from the above given site. Round 4: Online test (30 qtns)

Even for this round also please refer because all the questions are from this site only. Coming to Round 5: Unfortunately I couldn’t reach client round and I don’t have idea about this.

I don’t know about Rofous...
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